Sowmiya Jakkal

Yours Socially

A 4 Day Power Packed Workshop

with 2 experts coming together to train You on Personal Branding and Social Media.

Let’s escalate your business and transform it into a BRAND!

Date : 6th-9th Oct 2022 , 6:30 to 8:00 pm

Rohini B V

Who is this for?

What will you learn and take away?

Day 1

Branding And Image

  • Power of first impression
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Introduction to personal branding and image
  • Online and social media presence
  • Personal and Brand value determination
  • Image cycle
  • Visualization of brand and personal journey

Day 2

Personal Image

  • 4 As of Image
  • Different types of Visual cues
  • How to identify visual cues
  • Professional style scale
  • Introduction to personal style
  • Yin and Yang
  • Colours and messages
  • Brand colouring
  • Tips for memorable online presentation

Day 3

SM And Insta Madness

  • What is Social Media Branding and Marketing?
  • List of platforms and their different features, and ways to brand on different platforms.
  • Instagram Handle, types, features, and usage and optimization
  • How to make stories interesting?
  • Q & A
  • Assignment

Day 4

Let’s Facebook

  • Facebook Profile
  • Page
  • Posting
  • Organic groups
  • LIVE promotions.
  • Free available resources.
  • Q & A
  • Assignment

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Who’s your coach?

Sowmiya Jakkal

She is: A soft-hearted lady that holds Post graduate diploma in Human Resources from Pune with a diversified corporate experience of 10 plus years into Education, IT, and Hospitality industry. A word-addict and also a wanderlust who has traveled the world and absorbed content with food, air, and water. Not a grammar nazi but a grammar monk preaching the correct usage of any language that is known.

She says: Every word has a power and magic that needs to be revealed in the right way to catch the eye of its reader.

She does: Being the Content Creator, she puts her words to practice by leveraging businesses to turn into brands. Brands that speak volumes through their Design, Content, Pamphlets, Posters, Newsletters, Campaigns, Social media handles, and much more. Through her writing, she has successfully uplifted brands with the help of Blogs, Articles, Social media campaigns, posts, website content, and much more. Dynamically managing a team of 7 freelancers working across India. Head and Tales is now a full fledged digital branding firm that provides services like:

Rohini B V

Rohini. B.V.  is an image consultant and a life coach.
Her mission in life is to help women all around the world realize how powerful they are if they believe in themselves to achieve success in whatever they want in life.

Having worked in the corporate world for more than 10 years, she is also a certified life coach, Emotional intelligence coach, NLP coach, and Image coach.

She works with women all around the world to help them in their self-development and growth journey and building their image.

“Cherish the past, plan and look forward to the future but live in the moment” is her mantra to live her life with complete zest every single day.

She envisions a world with women who know who they are, confident, self-assured, and believe in themselves completely to make their dreams a reality. She works tirelessly towards contributing to build such a world.

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