7, Gulmohar

The Ocean made its way through gushing waves. A breezy air was all over the place. The sun was almost on the verge to descend. Spraying it’s red, orange limelight all over the space.

A small red box hung over the right fence dangling there. The white door opened wide to a pathway made with black and blue pebbles. The left of the pathway was full of rose plants, dancing roses red and small. The right made way for trees big and tiny.

A wooden plank hung on its, huge bark spelled, ” 7, Gulmohar”.

The house was made with stones but the love within made it home. The pathway ended at the Tulsi Vrindavan brightly colored with red and yellow. Surrounding the Vrindavan laid a beautiful white rangoli.

Three steps above stood a dark brown wooden door with delicate carvings and a golden bell with a white string. The huge brown door opened to a beautiful living room that seemed like heaven.

The room smelled of sand and sea and also of fish that was cooked at the kitchen maybe. The room was painted beige and brown with comfy cane furniture to relax around. The right corner was packed with a white bookshelf and a cozy chair next to it to drown yourself. Into the world of fiction tales.

It stood white and clean where tummies would turn yummy. The left way was the room with a big bed with sheets grey and white. Near its open windows were a line of shimmering yellow lights. A rocking chair that looked lean and fine lay at the corner swaying in pride. At the end of the hallway was a cozy corner that looked upon the evergreen backyard full of veggie shrubs.

The passage was encircled with the brown fence that leads to the same white door among the sands.

In the hallway lay a brass bowl with round handled and it was full of glistening water with white and red rose petals. Right of the hallway was the kitchen where the fish was cooked.

A House of brownstones but their true and eternal love made it Home.